John Brown Was A Hipster

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Living Memory is information gained from firsthand experience, embodied in the interpreter. The knowledges lives inside that person, who becomes the arbiter on how that knowledge will be transferred to others.

Stored Memory is information solidified into an object that can no longer be interpreted. It can be read and discussed but the facts have become rigid and framed by the medium it is presented in.

The advance of technology has placed more emphasis on stored rather than living memory, from printing to film to the internet. With each new form the cost of reproduction has been decreased while the scale of reproduction has increased. The internet has enabled the absolutes of these two values, with the free infinite reproduction of information.

Because of this transformation, information has become rigid in its presentation, with no room for interpretation or mediation. All information is justified by its very existence, and the ease of creating stored memory allows any piece of information to be presented as truth.

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Repetition justifies any action. Each mark validates the purpose of all those that have come before it. Repetition does not exist in theory or thought, since in planning quantities are abstract. It is only when the action is completed that repetition and quantity become real.

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The Letter of the Day is E

I made this new circular drawing for P.U.N.K.Fest IV, a big local music show held in Orono, ME each year. They had a bunch of artists each do one letter to spell out PUNKFEST.

Expect more circular stuff, I’m moving the concept from ink and watercolor to oil paints.

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The ManScanner

Me and my friend recently developed the new App “ManScanner’ which was released today for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. The video above should explain the jist of it, and hey at the very least you can see me fail hitting on a girl.

You can download it on the App Store by clicking here.

If you want to be super cool, after you download the app, like us on facebook and follow us on twitter. Maybe even write a nice customer review on the itunes page. We also have a website for the app. I know you’re probably thinking “Stop posting so many damn links!” But hey it’s not like your browser has a limit so why don’t you check out some recent press we’ve been getting too over at and Did I mention the video was filmed by my friend Jess Durant who also gave a nice shout out on her blog.

Tell your friends, call your mom, manalyze strangers in public, help us get the word out. Don’t be a poser.

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Black Gold I-III

– I

– 2 –

– 3 –

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New Site, New Changes

So big news, I recently launched a new site located at, which will be home for my freelance business:

This site, mind of mitchell, is not going away, I’m just changing its purpose. It is now the home of my Blog and Fine Art portfolios. The new site’s main function is a more prominent portfolio of my commissioned work. While the sites are distinct, they’re quite intertwined now, I’m going to think of the them as two sides of the same coin.

Besides the cool new header, I’ve also made a few changes to this site. The about me and contact pages now link to the new site. I have added an archives section where you can view a full listing of my blog posts organized by month and year. I think this will be post #219, so its a bit of a daunting list, but much more accessible than before. I’m also going to try to add more portfolios of past projects, I want to use this site as a more all encompassing view of my creative endeavors.

I’ll end with my new Business Card Design.


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