May 2012
New Site, New Changes
Thoughts on Control
The Green Paw Spa
April 2012
Never Ending its Ending
Post Industrial Commercialization of the Soul
Five Dogs, Once Bicycle
Illustrations for Dent Concepts
March 2012
Dent Concepts Hail Billboard
Bad Drawings From Fifth Grade
The Stone Church Menu Design
February 2012
New Show @ 645 Congress in Portland, ME
New Studio @ 131 Washington
January 2012
[New Paintings] Staircase & The Knife
Self Portrait with Internet
Circular IXX: Burn Things
Winterized Dr. Suds / Space Gallery
Corey pane Portrait Swap
Double Circular (XVII & XVIII)
[200th Post!] SEXY DINOSAUR!
[New Painting] Knife
Life is a series of improvised decisions
December 2011
Portfolio (2011)
Christmas Cards
Holiday Greetings from Dr. Suds!
5 Photos
Dance Knife Dance
Circular XV
Knife Thrust by Gravity
Merkel / Sarkozy
Dr. Suds: Animation & On Location
November 2011
Circular XIV: Maps
Lost Scenes From My Notebook
Circular XIII
Circular Motion Test
Circular XII
Circular XI
Circular X: Airplane
Circular IX: Tiger
Circular VIII
Circular VII: Mountain
October 2011
Circular VI
Circular V
Influences II
Circular IV
(Finished Painting) In Between
(Finished Painting) 2011
Circular III
(Finished Painting) The Black Ring
Spinning Towards The Centre
Dr. Suds TV Spot
(Finished Painting) Reach
Garden Rings
September 2011
The Daily Bean and More News
Chris in Chair w/ Accidental Mustache
Coastal Farms
August 2011
Aaron Mitchell @ The Sohns Gallery
What’s under that beard?
2011 (In Progress)
(New Painting) Self Portrait
The Black Ring (In Progress)
[Influences] 5 Paintings
(New Painting) In Between
Dr. Suds
music [myoo-zik]
[Muzak] Things Fall Apart
Community Radio
[150th Post!] 10 Photos
The Harley Wagon (In Progress)
July 2011
The Importance of a Headline
[Muzak] Burn Things
Maine Lobster Festival 10K Road Race
Tina Portrait (In Progress)
Add More Black
June 2011
(New Painting) Exit
The Ptourists!
Mouth within a Mouth
Papa J’s T Shirt Design
[Black Gold] Woods Sentry
All the way from Amsterdam
Governor Lepage
Two Drawings
May 2011
Senior Show Final Images
Flowering Wall
New Portrait “2011” (In Progress)
Best Hotel
Self Portrait
April 2011
Senior Studio Alternate Portraits
Weird Thumbnails
Artist Statement!
White Flag Gallery
Marie w/ Phone (In Progress)
Ending Is Better Than Mending
The Manchester Flag
The Watch
The Ring
Ali & Marie
White Flag Gallery & Art Attack!
Sharks, Mustaches, Abstract Collage & Music!
March 2011
Portraits: New, Reworked and on Display
Nothing to Say
New York City
Thinking about my senior project
Dinosaurs at the Dentist
Helvetica and Shapes
Three Drawings
New Portraits (in progress)
The Black Square (part II)
The Black Square
February 2011
Updated Portraits
People, Food and Shapes
Cinderella #2
Thinking about Value
Nick (In Progress)
Cinderella #1
Tina and Bird (almost done)
Portfolio (2010)
I Am Thinking of a Wave
Tina and Bird (In Progress)
Cinderella Studies
Painting the Heart
January 2011
Brush Your Teeth
The Loneliest Oven
New Hampshire Beekeeping Association
Painting with Wallpaper
Bee Poster (process)
Wine part 2
New Oil Painting
December 2010
Eggnog Portraits
Not Thinking
Making a Sign
Next Project
Heart of Darkness
The Lamp
Self Portrait
Victory Park (In Color!)
November 2010
Free Concert @ NHIA Friday
Is China Reading Your Email?
The Black Square
Pet Sounds
Mitch Thunder- November
Victory Park
New Collage
Wrong Brain
Three Collages
October 2010
Jon Stewart and Bill O’reilly
Phish Poster for Manchester, NH
Piper / Walk to School
Oil Paintings at J Dubs Coffee
Comic Book Character Designs
Down the Block
Modern Warfare 2
New Mitch Thunder Song- October
September 2010
Dumb and Dumber IN COLOR!
She Wore Red Like a Razor
Where’s the Remote?
Julian Assange
The Pink Door
Vegetables and Tools
Dumb and Dumber Comic Strip
May 2010
Berry Baboon Bites
April 2010
The Eye
Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Deer Reworked
7 Deer
March 2010
American Airlines over Cranberry Juice
Digital Landscape
NHIA Poster Comp
February 2010
Trey Anastasio Portrait
Hungry Apple Final
Runaway Bride
Fables of Faubus
Manchester Music Mill Comp
January 2010
Only Blood Will Tell
Hungry Apple Study #2
Hungry Apple Study
New Logo
Seperation Minumental
Greetings from Belfast, Maine
Life in Hell Minumentals
Art School: Propositions for the 21st Century
Obama Test Portrait
December 2009
Floating on the Bottom of the Sky
Harley Davidson
Portfolio (2009)
The Led Zeppelin Blondie Christmas Miracle!
Blinded by the Sex
I Wish We Had Predator Drones
Steve Gray
In Love with a Machine
The Sinking Sound
Severed Heads on the Dance Floor