New Site, New Changes

So big news, I recently launched a new site located at, which will be home for my freelance business:

This site, mind of mitchell, is not going away, I’m just changing its purpose. It is now the home of my Blog and Fine Art portfolios. The new site’s main function is a more prominent portfolio of my commissioned work. While the sites are distinct, they’re quite intertwined now, I’m going to think of the them as two sides of the same coin.

Besides the cool new header, I’ve also made a few changes to this site. The about me and contact pages now link to the new site. I have added an archives section where you can view a full listing of my blog posts organized by month and year. I think this will be post #219, so its a bit of a daunting list, but much more accessible than before. I’m also going to try to add more portfolios of past projects, I want to use this site as a more all encompassing view of my creative endeavors.

I’ll end with my new Business Card Design.



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