Post-Industrial Commercialization For The Soul


“Post-Industrial Commercialization For The Soul”

I needed a break from drawing in the lines all the time so I got a little out there tonight. I’ve got a lot of big projects coming up so I think any spare painting time for the moment will be spent doing stuff like this. Basically my process was to make a bunch of arbitrary decisions without much forethought then to go back and try and turn the random mess into some interesting composition.

Some stuff to look forward in the coming months. My cousin Kate Mitchell just wrote a book which I’ll be doing the cover design for. The iphone app ManScanner I designed with Paul Staples is back in the hands of apple for them to check over and hopefully approve us for the app store. I also recently shot a commercial for the app with Jessica Durant and Carrie Dole which you’ll be seeing soon. Me and my buddy Vint Whitcomb from my old band Afghan Banana Stand have been recording a bunch of music. We’ve shortened our name to just ‘Afghan’ now. We’ll be releasing an EP in the near future and throwing down some acoustic music at Punkfest in Orono on May 27th. I’ve also been continuing work with Schillaci Guitars in Belfast and Dent Concepts in Rhode Island so I’ve been fairly busy. Maybe that’s what this painting is about.

Oh and maybe a new website too…


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