The Stone Church Menu Design

My apologies for the lack of activity in the last few weeks. It hasn’t been because for lack of work though. One of the big projects I’ve been working on recently is designing a menu for the The Stone Church in Newmarket, New Hampshire.

If you’d like to check out the full menu just click on the following link to download the pdf. You could always stop by the Stone Church yourself though to get an even better look at it.

The Stone Church Restaurant Menu

I’ll have lots of cool things coming up in the next few months, more design projects, T shirt designs, a huge painting in the works, new music, even an iphone app.


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One Response to The Stone Church Menu Design

  1. sebastian says:

    Check out Senachie nights, monday, Bullfeney’s pub, Portland – great venue, we will be up in june performing there,

    Cheers on great blog – I’ve just started one on wild animal sightings:


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