The Daily Bean and More News

Sorry for the lack of posting but September is officially my transition month as I figure out my next big artistic projects. I started a new painting recently of my friend and artist Corey Payne, who is also doing a portrait of me in return. You can expect to see those soon. I’ve also been taking alot of pictures and gathering reference for my next two paintings. They’re gonna be big (48x 48!).

I’m going to start writing articles for the Daily Bean, the website started by my roommate Chris Blanchard and some other cool folks.

The Band that’s playing at my art opening is getting pretty big lately. The Milkman’s Union were recently selected to play the CMJ Music Marathon & Film Festival taking place in New York City from Oct. 18 to 22. You however can see them FOR FREE on October 14th at my art opening in Bangor, ME (6-7:30 PM 36 Central St). You can check out their website here.

There was an interesting article in the Republican Journal about the Food Processing company ‘Coastal Farms’ I recently designed a logo for.

Today’s post was brought to you by the Letter Z.


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