(New Painting) Self Portrait

“Self Portrait”   4×4

This is a painting of myself, drawn from the reflection in a my garage’s window, a mirror which simplified the details down to shadow and form, freeing me to paint from my head while retaining the impression of light.

I decided to be a little more spontaneous and used the leftover paint on my palette for this self portrait. I needed to do something loose after all the finishing work I’ve been doing on my paintings the last few days. I also realized why I am drawn to making portraits.

I do not care about portraying someone as they are in paint. I am drawn to the ability to reinvent and cast someone in a new and different light. In all my portraits I view the subject as an actor, I dress them up and give them props so they become something new. A character. As I live with my completed portraits they have become more than representations of the friends I have painted. They take on lives of their own, independent entities that speak to me as unique individuals.

My gallery show in Bangor, ME will be hung on the weekend of September 10th and 11th. It will be on display for two months. Expect the opening in October.


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