Sharks, Mustaches, Abstract Collage & Music!

I’ve been working on a lot of big projects this week and forgot to post. Here’s a few highlights from the big pile of stuff I’ve been working on.

“Shark Tooth”

This is a leftover from the many teeth puns I had to come up with for a class project to make work for a dentists office. We were then told to avoid anything dentist or teeth related. Oh well. Expect color on this guy soon.

“Mustache 1”

This a portrait for the Manchester Chamber of Commerce project my illustration class is working on. Look at the handsome mustache. You’re jealous.

“How Close?”

I’ve been hankering to start collaging again so I made this digital exercise in abstract composition. Bonus points if you can name the two pieces of art that I juxtaposed for this.

I’ve also been working on some music and came up with this track. Its still more of a demo than anything finished but I thought it was worth sharing with the world. Notice the album cover.

This post is a testament to how all over the place I am right now.


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