Portraits: New, Reworked and on Display

My senior project is getting exciting! First off. New painting. Still very early in the process as you can probably tell by the lack of face.

“Carrie w/ candle” 12×12

I also totally redid the background on my portrait of Nick.

“Nick” 12×12

There is also a new exhibit showcasing the best work from current students up in all the buildings at my school. I had three pieces selected for display. My Self Portrait with Toothbrush is hanging at 88 lowell st. My Phish Poster is in the French Building Lobby. And my portrait of Ben with a tomato is on display in the Amherst Building Gallery. Heres a new picture of it. Its still not done, but I guess I’ll have to take a break from it and finish it up in a few weeks.

“Ben w/ tomato” 24×24

I’ll also show off some work by my friend Nick Xavier that’s also in display in the Amherst gallery. You can check out his blog here. Its worth checking out everything on display. This is probably the best collection of student work the school has ever had up.


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