New York City

My school made the trip down to New York City this weekend. I did a few drawings while wandering around.“New York Public Library”

“Times Square I”

“Times Square II”

Oddly enough there was the Black Square perched at the top of Times Square.  Considering how I’ve been associating the Black Square with the presence of nothing where something should be, its perfectly fitting. Times Squares bombards you with information and for some reason the sign of emptiness it placed in such a lofty position.

Its also interesting how the presence of the Black Square in Times Square mimics the way Kazimir Malevich originally displayed the image in 1915. In the exhibit he purposely displayed it hung at the top corner of the room, a space usually reserved for religious icons. In both cases its high position makes it the center of attention, even if no one in Times Square notices.

I also noticed a few of the billboards were changing pictures and for a half a second they would be completely black. If you look for something you will find it everywhere.


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