The Black Square (part II)

You know that moment when you’re lying in bed and suddenly everything makes sense? The moment when you realize that what you’ve been looking for all along is right in front of you. Well here it is. The Black Square.

Things can become easily disguised by what is projected on to them. If you turn off your computer, your phone, or your TV, there is a Black Square. They are hidden by the things we project on top of them. Kazimir Malevich was searching for the “rediscovery of pure art, which in the course of time, has become obscured by the accumulation of things.” In that same way, our own notion of pure feeling, the goal of suprematism, has been obscured by the accumulation of things projected by the media and devices around us. I would continou to analyze this, but I feel that would only interfere with your own thoughts and I will save it for another day. Instead I will only say this.

The Black Square is nothing where something should be (or once was).

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