Thinking about Value

What makes art or anything for that matter valuable? One factor is supply and demand. Scarcity and rarity bring automatic value. Surplus devaluates. A print series of five pieces is going to be worth much more than a print series of five hundred. Now lets think about other things. Like communication. If you run into an old friend once after several years of separation that meeting is automatically more valuable and precious because of its scarcity. If instead you and that friend text or talk everyday, the value goes down and the significance of that interaction becomes devalued. But I don’t think that meeting or texting even has to happen to determine value. Its the ability of it to happen. Think of it this way. Before texting, you had to call your friends. Since you had a limited ability to communicate the interaction was worth more. Now you have the ability to send a message to anyone at any time, and we can all assume that most of us have our phone on and in our pocket at any given time. This means all our interaction is automatically devalued. Communication is worth less now because of its easy accessibility.


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One Response to Thinking about Value

  1. seymore says:

    well, i can see what is clearly on your mind. people vs. art. stop worrying so much about what civilization has become, the right people will come through the wrong. as for art, i think you are absolutely correct on the edition limits, however you have to be a firm stand buyer of not making anymore of that print once it is gone. it’s a hard realization and it’s tough not to get more money so best make lots of wonder ahhhht :).

    -not seymore butts

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