I Am Thinking of a Wave

I am Thinking of a wave jim carroll comic page aaron mitchell

"I am Thinking of a Wave"

Jim Carroll 

Starting with little in mind
the best you might do is begin it
over and over again. Transforming

the real earth to a texture and strength
beyond control.


I am thinking of a wave. 

We sit, huddled in winter coats, transfixed
to the logic of stars collapsing. The fresh
gravity pulling at stones we grip.

Locked tightly to the seams of night,
the moon rears like a fenced stallion
and, its rage subdued, turns back.

Then the hour is loose as the music,
a vapor passing through. It defies
each change, As the wind outdistances
each word spoken, and replies with
a promise already broken.


I wanted to do another single page silent comic based on a poem, similar to my project She Wore Razor Red‘. The size is 18×24 so I’ll be doing some big prints of it in the near future as well.



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One Response to I Am Thinking of a Wave

  1. Cynthia says:

    I love the poem and the picture. I can feel the cold and smoke pulling in and out through the snowy darkness of the winter night. Well Done!

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