Three Collages

“Sampson and the Light”

“Calm down Billy. This moment’s almost past.”

“Failure Failure”

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Twenty / One Thousand


“One Thousand”

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Oh Deer

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Dr Suds Play Softball

Another fun project from Doctor Suds Car Wash in Rhode Island. They’re sponsoring a softball team so I needed to deck out the Doctor in preparation.

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Safe Inside the Gates

“Safe Inside the Gates”

 I just started a new job as a graphic designer and now have more free time, so its times to revive my blog from its summer vacation. Here’s a one page comic I finished today. It really sprang out of nowhere but I think it may serve as inspiration for some more work soon.

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My cousin Kate Mitchell recently wrote a book titled “Aureole” which I did the cover illustration for. Its available for sale now on Kindle. You should also like the books facebook page to keep updated on any new happenings. If you’re wondering why the illustration is so elongated that just happens to be the kindle format, for some reason they like very tall book covers.

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Uncle Suds

ImageI want you to get your car washed

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